Geeks and Nerds Online is a Internet Themed Blog run by a Group of authors lead by Gautham Allur Subramanya and it caters to technological updates, latest tech news, Blogger tricks, Facebook tricks, Search Engine Optimization, designing and monetizing the web and many more topics of that genre.

About the Editor -

Gautham Allur Subramanya, a Tech Blogger from India who specializes in Building Websites and Blogs on Blogger platform, started this website when he was 16 years old and currently works a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft.

Other than Blogging, Gautham is interested in Football, Cricket, Photography and just spending time with Friends and Family.

Apart from the Editor we have a team of over 75 guest authors who pitch their expertise when news regarding their niche is available.

Meet the Author

Gautham A S

Gautham A S is a personal tech columnist and blogging expert at TechGau.Org, one of the leading Tech, How-To and Blogging Tips blogs in the world..