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A 5-Step Guide to Download and Install WhatsApp on PC

With billions of messages exchanged daily, WhatsApp is a highly popular mobile messaging app with young and old alike! At the moment, you can use WhatsApp on Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows and other Symbian devices. However, texting via 4 or 5 inch screen can be quite cumbersome at times but technology has a solution for everything.
Now you can download and install WhatsApp for your PC as well.
* To download WhatsApp on the handheld device, follow this link, choose device and install.
Download and Install WhatsApp on PC
This guide will take you through the whole process.
You need:
  • PC
  • Internet connection
Step 1:
To install WhatsApp on PC, you need to download BlueStacks. This software enables you to enjoy mobile applications on desktop or laptop computer.
BlueStacks supports XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Step 2:
The 9 MB file takes a while to download. Once downloaded, follow the given steps and install it on the PC. The installation does take a long time and it also depends on the Internet speed. The home screen will show a list of 25 default apps. You need to navigate towards My Apps > App Search > WhatsApp and click ‘install’. The software gives results from Google Play and Amazon App Store.  
Step 3:
Select the first option. Click on the ‘install’ button against WhatsApp Messenger. It takes some minutes for BlueStacks to download and install it on the ‘My Apps’ section.
Once done, the next step is to configure the WhatsApp account.
Step 4:
To configure, click on the newly installed WhatsApp account and select ‘I agree to terms’ button. The next page will ask you to select country and enter the mobile number.
Verification SMS will be instantly sent to the number and you have to enter the verification code in the space given. Alternatively, choose Voice verification, if necessary.
Step 5:
Once the verification is complete, you can start using WhatsApp on the PC for free.

Alternative Method
While BlueStacks is the current favorite, the software does occupy a lot of space. An alternative to BlueStacks is the Wassapp software. The Wassapp software is the non-official client for WhatsApp, developed by Low Level Studios. The software requires Windows XP SP2 or greater operating system.
Step 1:
Download the Wassapp software from here. The installation file is about 11 MB in size.
Step 2:
Open the program and you will be shown a registration page. If you are already using WhatsApp, enter the mobile number and password; if not, create a new account and hit the ‘Request code’ button.
  • The password for Android phone is its IMEI number.
  • The password for MAC user is its Wi-Fi address.
Step 3:
Enter the code received via SMS or voice call in the designated space and start using WhatsApp on Wassapp software using the password given by them.
...and you’re done!
If you face any issues, leave a comment below.
Guest post in contributed by Sanjeev Kumar, He is a tech blogger and works for Indianprice.com – a price comparison and product discovery website in India. Follow him on Google + and Twitter
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