Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The 7 Pros Of iOS 7

The launching of iOS 7 was eagerly anticipated by techies last Wednesday, 18 September. Many wanted to find out what the new features were and if it would be worth shelling out those hard-earned bucks for an upgrade. Well, wonder no more as we take a look at the pros of iOS 7.

1) Time stamps on messages

A problem that many users have with previous versions of iOS is that messages do not have dates and times stamps on the messages. This is a disadvantage for people who document text messages they receive in order to prevent that common excuse of not receiving texts. To see the time stamps on iOS 7, the user only has to open the Messages window and then swipe to the left.

2) Control Center

Although a similar feature is already available on Android phones, the Control Center is another most welcome addition to iOS 7. Whereas in the past it would take several swipes and taps to make changes in settings ranging from simple brightness adjustments to Wi-Fi controls, it now takes only one upward swipe to access the Control Center to these settings and many others. In addition, there is no need to tap controls to open the flashlight. The iOS 7 now comes with its own flashlight button, which the user can press when scrambling for a seat in a dark movie theater.

3) AirDrop

AirDrop is sure to become a favorite among users who love to share files. With the exception of music, the feature enables users to send photos, documents, videos and contacts via AirDrop from any app that is installed in the iPhone.

4) Accessing Twitter via iOS 7 Safari

For those who love to tweet, it is now more convenient to access Twitter via Safari on iOS 7. To do this, simply touch the bookmarks button located at the bottom of the screen. Touching "@" at the top right will enable to user to access all tweets from friends and any links to photos, videos or posts that they have made.

5) iOS 7 Camera App

While there are no ground-breaking changes to the iOS 7 camera app, the feature is now more convenient to use. For one, switching between shot types and filters is now possible just by swiping. It is also now possible to take burst shots with the app, so that the user can take 10 shots in one second and be able to choose the best picture among the batch.

6) iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio not only enables the user to stream music and from several artists, one can only discover great new music from other music genres. Also, if the user likes the song he or she is listening to at that moment, he/she can quickly buy it from iTunes without closing the app.

7) FaceTime audio

With FaceTime audio, it is now possible to make a simple call without a video over a Wi-Fi or 4G connection. Regardless of whether the call is local, long distance, or international, there is no drop in sound quality.

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