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With all the hustle-bustle around e-commerce making it big in India, Money-making websites are pouring in from all corners of our country and some are even operating from abroad.
Indians are known to have a tendency to bargain and it’s truly an art in itself to be able to extract the best price out of a seller. It’s probably an art Indians have successfully managed to hone to their fullest. Not only the negotiated price, but the satisfaction with which we walk out the shop even though we attained a mere Rs.10 off, is priceless!
With this in the backdrop, I would like to introduce to all you ardent money makers and savers alike. The name suggests it all. Cashkaro is synonymous to making money or rather accumulating money, and that is exactly what the website allows you to do!
Statistics show that a growing population is now turning to online shopping. And why shouldn’t they, given the added benefits:
  1. An endless range of websites listing an even more comprehensively-endless list of products to choose from. No-one can cry that there isn’t much choice because if there’s anything in abundance online, it’s CHOICE.
  2. Easy visibility, quality and quantity assessments based on the websites’ image, rating, product descriptions, photos and customer support team.
  3. Existence of Customer Care routes likes helplines, gazetted e-mail ids, query forms, social media channels, etc for those paranoid few, skeptical about the genuinity of online products, and lastly
  4. Cash on delivery/online payment option.
But where does fit in all this, you say? How would you react if I told you, you could save money every time you shopped online? Am sure you must have heard of Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, etc but then what is it that Cashkaro has to add to this retailer kitty?
Cashkaro is an online portal which helps you save money every time you shop online. It has partnered with over 350 popular e-retailers like Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Tradus, Dominos, Firstcry, etc and the lesser known but upcoming one’s like Ozel, Buyanyperfume, Koovs, Trendin, Unravel India, etc. Shop through at any of these and earn cashback on all your transactions.
How to use Cashkaro and save money?
Create an account with here: Choose the retailer you want to shop at from the wide choice of retailers given on or chose the section of your choice (fashion, mobile, travel, electronics, books, restaurants, etc ). Once you click out of the retailers page through you will be redirected to the retailer website.  Shop as normal and cashback will automatically get added to your Cashkaro account.
For eg: Say, you fancied this new dress on Myntra . The MRP of this dress is 3’000. If you shop for this dress through Cashkaro, not only can you get an exclusive 15% off (a coupon) but you can also earn cashback of Rs.180, making the actual cost of this dress reduce to Rs.2’370.
Hence, Cashkaro does not only give you the benefits of coupons and cashback exclusively but combines the best of both the cashback and coupon world too! Sometimes Cashkaro get exclusive coupons which are time-bound but one can keep a track of our hot offers by subscribing to our newsletter or by checking out our FB page:       
As long as you shop through Cashkaro at any one of our partnered retailers like Myntra, Jabong, etc, you are assured of earning cashback.
The thing that sets Cashkaro apart is that it’s not just another coupon only site but also offers cashback and coupons alike to its members. Cashkaro passes down a healthy portion of its commission as cashback to its members, therefore incentivizing them to shop through Cashkaro again and again. Cashback is also paid on sale/discounted items, making your savings almost double.
The website is very efficient when it comes to tracking transactions and the FAQs & Customer Support Services are only a call/message/e-mail away. The response time of 2 hours is something that sets a few notches in terms of immediate Customer Query Redressal.
If you are someone who shops online, you must give Cashkaro a try! And if you are one of those who are skeptical about shopping online, would be a good website to inaugurate your online shopping urge.
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