Thursday, 12 September 2013

Interesting Ideas to Display Photos You Must Try!

Transform your favorite baby pictures into one of a kind wall art for your place. And if you don’t feel like you have lots of ideas here, then keep reading, because we are going to show you some really great ones. Frame your favorite pictures and let them be enjoyed by lots of people on daily basis.

1. Photo Display on Your Wall

Photo walls represent a really large collection of framed pictures that you might often see hanging in stairwells or featured among the pages of your favorite interior design magazines. The good news here is that you don’t need to have frames that match the picture, so it will not be such a huge problem if you are not a creative person. Another good news is mismatched frames will also work just fine – after all – you will be showing pictures of your baby. In case you are wondering where to find such frames – pretty simple – just purchase them from your local store or thrift shop. Let your imagination talk and use spray paint in order to add some color. If you don’t have any ideas – you can also use the classic black and white theme.

If you don’t have enough time or creative skills then no worries, just go online to choose ready photo or poster frame depending upon the size of your photos.

2. Create a Photo Grid

A grid of photos will give your room a contemporary and clean look, but the problem here is you will not be able to line up all your frames. If you like this idea for wall photo display, probably the best alternative is to connect a series of identical frames into a one large shape and later join them. Just remember – you will be needing frames with thick edges.

3. Display on Photo Ledges

The next idea is to hand a series of baby pictures on the wall in case you enjoy a rotating baby photo display. This is actually a good idea because it will let you arrange the frames whenever you want. Use the environment in the room – for examples the shelves can be used to put the photo display on them.

4. Wall Photo Display with Beautiful Borders

Fun way to show your favorite baby photos is borders around the perimeter of your room. If you want your border to have lots of colors, then make your own photo mats with the help of scrapbook paper.

5. Make A Family Tree

If you want to include more than baby pictures, then why don’t you create a family tree on your wall. Start with pictures of larger dimensions – 8x10 at the base of the tree and print smaller procures progressively until you reach the top. Each frame can be attached by using ribbon to the back. Great option that you might want to consider here is to add names by using scrapbooking rub on letters.
So use any of the above ideas to display photos in an interesting ways
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