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Top 5 Battery Saving Android Apps for Your Smartphone

The life of Android Smartphone battery has always been an issue for Android users. Usually the normal phones offer you a decent standby of few days, but your Smartphones are not that efficient with regard to the battery life they offer. The best battery offered today comes with time duration of one day. It is sad to say that the charging of our phone’s battery and its battery life just lasts for hours now. However, to solve this problem, here is a list of some Android apps that can help you save battery:
  • Battery Dr Saver and Task Killer
The app is highly recommendable for all those who desire to give a longer life to their phone battery. It helps the smartphone to preserve battery. It displays the health, temperature and talk- time of the battery to the user and alerts him to close the task fast and reset the phone. It enhances the efficiency of the phone and makes it run smoothly. You can review blog online so as to get more information on the app. It is always a good idea to so for such apps as so as save battery of your android smartphone.
  • Easy Battery Saver
It is a simple yet dominant battery managing app. it enhances the battery life of your phone. It helps you save battery power and improve the battery life of your phone. You can easily save your phone battery by checking the connectivity of your phone, time out and display brightness. It features four battery saving modes that include general saving, super power saving, advanced customised and intelligent saving mode. It is a 2MB free app.
  • Battery by Macropinch
It is a simple and stylish application that marks the battery level of your phone. The app informs you whether your phone is charged enough to help you browse net or play a movie. It displays the info about the battery in percentage, power source indicator and performs as a battery saver.
This app enhances the battery life of your phone by managing the internet access intelligently. It makes use of a smart algorithm to switch on and off the internet access to expand the battery life. it decreases power supply consumption and keeps the background data synced. Thus, with this app, you no longer need to turn your internet connectivity manually. It handles 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity mechanically. It is a 2.2MB free app.
  • Battery Doctor
It is one of the best Android batteries saving app. it is a complete battery saver that helps in expanding your battery life. It offers a click power saving manages your battery with one click and informs the availability of battery life to the user. It also offers you the estimated usage that you can make with the present battery level of your phone.

Thus, with so many battery saving Android apps, you can easily expand the battery life of your phone and use it for some more time.
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