Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Is It Possible To Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks?

Nowadays backlinks of the true sense are so rare, most backlinks that occur these days are either paid for or from small websites.Gone are the days when big websites and blogs used to recognize smaller blogs are help them by giving them links back.

So it is possible to get high pr dofollow links in current times? I do think it is possible but there are some tricks and tips which you need to use to get them.Here is an interesting article where you can learn about -

High PR Dofollow Backlinks

It is a blog post on our sister blog iGau. It is really interesting to note as getting pr 9, 8 links are extremely difficult and almost next to impossible, but the post seems to discuss a way to do so.

If any reader of this blog knows good ways to get high pr links, please let me know either here or on the blog post at iGau, it would be highly useful for us.
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