Wednesday, 22 May 2013

CW Brings An Exciting App to Enjoy Shows on Apple TV

In today’s era the technological development is moving with an amazing speed in order to launch many new things. These days everything becomes available for users in the form of different apps. In the same way there is news on the hype that CW will soon be launching an app which will make your favorite TV shows available on the Apple TV.

This app will prove to be a beneficial for all the TV shows lovers. Now you will be able to get your TV shows available to be watched the next day they are aired. This app will let you have a chance to watch shows without any hassle of getting a cable connection. You will be able to watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere as per your ease and comfort.
The most important and comfort providing factor of this app will be that now the viewers will get a direct access to their favorite shows. A complete range of all the episodes of your favorite shows will be available for you. Previously different intermediaries like Hulu and Netflix were used in providing viewers an access to their shows, but now the concept of intermediaries will be eliminated.
This app is currently available for Windows 8 and also for Xbox 360 by CW. However the exact date of the launch of this exciting app by CW on Apple TV is not yet confirmed but it is expected that it might be available somewhere by the end of this year.
Another news available from the CW network is that they also have plans to launch a digital studio where they will be developing video content for the websites as quoted by the President of CW network.
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