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Samsung Galaxy Camera Features, Comparison, Price

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy camera has caused a lot of discussion across the Internet and among many avid photographers about the first standalone Android-based camera. The camera has its fans and detractors, sporting some cool features along with some elements that could use some tweaks.

The Price of the Samsung Galaxy Camera is Rs 29990.
Here are a few key points about the Samsung Galaxy camera and what it has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Features


Perhaps one of the greatest selling points about the Samsung Galaxy camera is that it has a powerful zoom feature. Individuals can use the 21x super long zoom to get much closer to the subject (virtually) than is possible on any smartphone, for example, and picture quality remains generally decent. Even getting a 10x zoom on a camera this size is great, so 21x is quite impressive. For serious photogs, picture quality can be an issue, however, as we cover next.

Picture Quality

When the Samsung Galaxy is compared to any of the other compact point-and-shoot cameras that are available from many of the top brands, such as Nikon or Sony, some users describe the picture quality as mediocre, especially in low-light situations. To be fair, most low-light photos result in grainy or blurry images no matter what camera you use in this price range. However, the built-in flash does not compare with something like a Nikon’s, so unless you plan on taking most of your pictures in bright, available light, or simply want images a bit better than what you can get on a smartphone, then this can be a deal breaker. The lens on the unit does allow for wider shots than any smartphone, however.

Wireless Connectivity

One of the brilliant things about this camera which sets it apart from other leading dedicated point-and-shooters is the built-in 4G for wireless connectivity. This makes sharing pictures on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more a breeze. Wireless is becoming an expected feature on most compact point-and-shoot cameras, such as the Canon Elph 320 HS, so Samsung was smart in making this a central feature of the camera.

Ease of Use

If someone is familiar with how to use an Android phone, they can probably use this camera without any confusion. Owners are able to install all of their favorite apps from the Google Play store, including photo editing software and social networking apps. The camera has a great, HD Super Clear LCD screen display measuring 4.8 inches which makes it very easy to access menu items and view and edit pictures.
For those seeking finer control of their shots, the camera allows for manual adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and others, items not available on Android powered smartphones or tablets. Oh, and the 1080p video capture on the unit is sufficient for most hobbyist use.


All-in-all, the marriage of a dedicated point-and-shooter with an Android device is fun, although it might seem like it might as well make phone calls as well. The device is a step up from camera phones, but not nearly as good as a DSLR such as the Canon Rebel. Is it for serious shooters? Nope. But it does the trick for those seeking a better image than a smart phone with some cool features to boot.

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