Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Google Search Algorithm Change December 2012

We had the last confirmed Google Search Algorithm Change on November 21st 2012, when TechGau noticed a 25% increase in organic traffic, which was a moment of jubilation for us.We like all other top blogs out there are always looking to increase the traffic to our blogs through Google search. So we have been concentrating on publishing top quality guest posts and articles so that we can increase our traffic each time there is a Google Search Algorithm Change. Every month Google has been making changes to the search engine algo, and it will probably do so again this month, December 2012.

I am expecting an algorithm change sometime in the third week of December just before Christmas.This may make for a good Christmas present for those who are making full efforts to keep their blogs at a high level of quality or can be a Christmas downer for those blogs looking to get fame quickly.

This was the effect of the previous Google Search Algorithm Change that happened on 21st November on our blog -

Google Search Algorithm Change December

Let me know if you experienced an increase or decrease in traffic after the November update, and keep an eye out for the December update!
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