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10 Amazing Features Of Nokia Asha 205

Nokia is gradually strengthening its Asha line up of mobile phones. The mobiles are affordable and getting good response from the market. Adding more mobiles to the lineup, the company recently launched Nokia Asha 205. Nokia claims it to be the most social Asha phone yet. At first glance, the claim seems true. The phone looks great for professionals as well as for social addicts.

Nokia Asha 205 Black

Analyzing the specifications, pros and cons, I find this phone a good buy for sharing bugs. Here are top 10 reasons that make me think positive about the Nokia Asha 205.

Nokia Asha 205 Pink
  • The Slam feature: Nokia introduced the brand new Slam feature with this mobile. Slam can be dubbed as an upgraded version of Bluetooth. It works on the Bluetooth platform but removes the pain of pairing the devices. Whenever you need to share a file, just choose sharing via Slam. Slam will detect the nearest Bluetooth enabled device and will offer that device to receive the file.
  • The Facebook Button: Facebook is now a synonym of social networking. If you want to be social, you have to be on Facebook. Nokia understands this and comes with a Facebook dedicated button. Just click it and you are in.
  • Preinstalled Social apps: In addition to the Facebook button, the mobile comes loaded with other social apps like Twitter, eBuddy etc. eBuddy provides you an integrated platform for all the IM clients like Google talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo messenger, Microsoft messenger etc.
  • Intuitive QWERTY Keypad: Nokia Asha 206 offers similar set of specification but in a traditional candy bar style. What makes Nokia Asha 205 better than its sibling Asha 206 is the QWERTY keypad. The well spaced and well organized keyboard is the best arm a texter can have.
  • Nokia Xpress browser: Nokia Asha 205 is loaded with Nokia Xpress browser which enables a faster and cost-efficient web browsing. It compresses the data by 85% resulting in to lesser data consumption and faster loading of web pages. No need to install Opera Mini anymore.
  • 40 Free EA games: If you are a game addict, there couldn’t be a better reason to buy this phone. It comes with a free subscription of 40 EA games including some super hit titles like Need for Speed, SIM city etc.
  • Single SIM / Dual SIM option: Many of us want our phone to accommodate 2 SIM cards to save from the hassle of keeping two different cell phones, while others like going with a single SIM setup only. For the first time Nokia has released a mobile in both the variants. Moreover, the Dual SIM variant will feature the hot swap facility which will enable you change one SIM card without removing the battery or switching off the cell phone.
  • Nokia Nearby: Nokia Asha 205 doesn’t come with GPS but with the help of cellular network, it can provide you a local map with the list of nearby points like Cafes, Internet points etc.
  • Incredible battery life: Nokia claims the standby time in weeks and not days or hours. A 1020 mAH battery carries enough Juice to keep the Asha UI up and running for days even with moderate usage.
  • Affordable price tag: You get all these features for a price of $62 only. What else you want?

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