Thursday, 25 October 2012

Latest Android Apps for Tablets

There are a lot of different Android apps for tablets. The iPad is very popular, but the Android has gained a big audience as well. This is why more and more Android apps are becoming available for tablet PCs. This has led to a much bigger audience of users for the Android Tablets.

Google Currents
People that are interested in seeing the news in a cool format should consider Google Currents. This is perfect for people that want to know the headlines before heading out to work. The great thing about this is that the app can be set up to only pull stories from the sources that you pick. This is the app that you want if you need to filter the story content. 

Cisco Web Ex
Software engineers have played around with the virtual conference for years. Cisco has done more than play. These designers behind the Cisco Web Ex app have finally got it right. This is the perfect app for web meetings. People that have used it on desktops are well aware of how easy it is. It's just more flexible now that it is available for Android tablets. 

People that have lots of things to do and very little time to remember everything that needs doing will rejoice with Evernote. This is the perfect app for storing lots of different documents like lists and personal notes. You can also store receipts and photos here. This app actually works well with other apps like Lemon and Expensify. People that have business trips or monthly budgets can scan their receipts in Lemon or Expensify and export everything to the Evernote app.

Pocket Cloud Pro
Everyone wants to store their data in the cloud. The Pocket Cloud Pro app - in similar ways to Evernote - helps a lot of Android tablet users do this. This app is often marketed as a desktop remote control. The people that use it will often be able to hop from one computer to another to access files or different resources. 

Readers will love the Kindle app. It is so much easier than trying to read with a smart phone. The app works well and text that is inside looks awesome. Many people that considered eBook readers are changing their minds at the last minute. More people are going to consider the Android tablets because these devices are more diverse. 

Drop Box
This is yet another cloud technology interface. It is popular because many people were already quite familiar with the desktop version of this problem. Users start out with a little under 3GB of storage space. They can get more storage space by auto synching their photo uploads from desktops or referring friends. People also have the option of getting more storage space by signing up for it.

Many people that use the Drop Box environment will send invitations to their friends. This is how people share files. It's a great virtual storage locker for people that are mobile. 

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