Friday, 5 October 2012

How Much Money Does Jenna Marbles Make On YouTube?

Jenna Marble YouTube Earnings
Jenna Marbles is a big time YouTuber, but a few people know that she was a blogger before becoming a video blogger, she has always said that she liked blogging and got into video blogging sort by accident.She made a few videos as a hobby and never thought that she would grow so big on YouTube, but she has and she earns over a Million Dollars each year on YouTube through just the YouTube Partner program and the Google Adsense program.

Jenna Marbles currently has almost 5 Million subscribers, which she has gathered over the years of making wonderful and highly entertaining videos for the teen and 20-35 age category.

Here is a link to Jenna Marble's YouTube Channel.

We at GauFilms made a YouTube video describing the same - How Much Money Does Jenna Marbles Earn On YouTube?

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