Monday, 10 September 2012

5 Things You Must Know About Wireless Network

The time of Ethernet cables is almost coming to an end and wireless networks are literally taking over the world of internet. At a time when convenience takes precedence over everything, using internet without cables is a necessity more than a luxury. You can use wireless networks on Tablet devices, cell phones and laptops. But before you take on this latest technology trend, here are a few things (both good and bad) you need to know about wireless networks – 

  1. They Are Convenient – This has to be the most important feature of a wireless network. The very fact that the use of Ethernet cable has been done away with is a blessing because now, you can connect to the internet at any place if the connection is strong enough. This is how free public wireless network is so convenient for people.

  1. They Are Secure - Convenience doesn’t imply lack of security. Wireless Networks are very convenient but they also have strong security systems to ensure that people don’t get into your network. From your side, you should always password protect your network. This will ensure that all your personal information is secure.

  1. They Have Occasional Speed Issues - Connection speed is found to be reliable with Ethernet cable because any small disturbance instantly affects wireless networks. Hence, speed can be pretty fluctuating if the weather is bad. Wireless networks are not preferable in areas where the weather is constantly uncooperative because your signal would always be weak.

  1. They Have Browsing Limitations – You must have noticed that when you are browsing a particular site on your phone or Tablet, the site appears different from what appears in your laptop. This is because these websites have a more basic version on display when you browse them from the said devices. This is a limitation that irks some people. However, slowly, with the advent of wireless internet, most sites are upgrading themselves and are trying to at least present all the information to wireless devices.

  1. They Have A Limited Range – The devices connects only if you are within the range of the source. It weakens if there are walls and other things between your device and the source. It is always prudent to install booster antennas so that the signal is of acceptable strength. Also, if two or more networks overlap with each other, interference in the network is experienced.

Even after all its flaws and issues, wireless network is still one of the most useful inventions of technology. It has made life convenient and smooth. Your preference to wireless network or data cables is also influenced by your requirements, what may be right for someone may not be right for you. Hence, make a choice by weighing your options in the light of your requirements and not public opinion.  
You may have heard about Satellite Internet as the new wireless fad of the industry. If you haven’t, you should know that it’s THE END of your erratic Internet connection that you hate so much.

B. Lyttle is a proud tech geek and loves exploring latest advancements in technology. She recommends that you should read more about satellite Internet at the given link.
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