Thursday, 13 September 2012

2 Racing Games That Your Android Device Must Have

What is the most widely used tablet and phone operating system? Yes, the answer is none other than the fabulous operating system from the stables of Internet giants Google. Now think for a moment. What is the most common form of entertainment on your portable handheld devices, apart from some repetitive music and battery draining videos? Yet again, the obvious answer is nothing but some good video games that will make you stick to your android device. No matter what genre of video games you have an inclination for and no matter what does or doesn’t excite you, you can’t ignore the car racing video games that are available in the android market.

Car racing video games are popular owing to the fact that they pump in high adrenaline in your system, taking your entrainment quotient to a completely new level. Car racing games will allow you to live in a fantasy world of speed and glamour while driving the best vehicles in town. This is why it is important that you know which car racing video games are the most popular and best reviewed for your android. Here are 2 of the must have car racing games for android -

  1. Tiki Kart 3D

One of the most advanced features of any android running device is their technical supremacy over all other similar portable devices. This gives them a technological edge when it comes to using the raw processing power for all the graphics intensive games that are available in the market. This is where Tiki Kart 3D makes a name for itself as one of the very few good 3D games out there in the market. You can enjoy this game without any glitch and stutter owing to the fact that your devices have supreme graphics processing powers.

The storyline and the arcade gameplay style that the Tiki Kart 3D car racing video game brings to you is unmatched by any other android based car racing video game and you can be assured that you will be enjoying long hours of pure entertainment with this game in hand, literally!

  1. Death Rally

The car racing video game, Death Rally, comes with a twist of its own and is quite different from any other car racing video game that you will find for your android or any other operating system. The fact that the Death Rally car racing video game combines racing with combat and other forms of weaponry makes it a tad bit more special than any other video game of this genre.

Add to the combat aspect, the fact that Death Rally comes with amazing graphics and has an awesomely detailed and enthralling gameplay and you will know why the developers of this game have produced a masterpiece. This is indeed one of the best racing games developed for android devices.

To try out these games online, you can visit car games 365. With these 2 games installed on your android device, you can rest assured that the boring office meetings or gatherings just became more interesting!
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