Monday, 6 August 2012

Texas A&M University Shooting - Reason, Pictures and Video?

A shocking incident took place yesterday, where a gunman fired on innocent people and police officers in the Texas A&M University Shooting.Although none of the students or faculty of the Texas A&M University were shot at, the area around the college was cordoned off by police for a while after the shooting.

Thomas CaffalThe main accused in the Texas A&M University Shooting was Thomas Caffal, a 35 year old American National.The reasons behind the Texas A&M University Shooting seems to be that the accused, Thomas Caffal was influenced by many of the crime dramas such as "Burn Notice", and was also enraged when a constable came to collect some dues.He first shot the constable, later wrecked havoc near the Texas A&M University.

The police are looking to find any video evidence regarding the shooting, they are looking at all possibilities of finding video evidence such as CCTV footage, amateur video etc.But the CCTV videos are the best bet at the moment.

Thomas Caffal was shot in the encounter between the police and himself, he died either on the way to the emergency room or at the hospital.

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