Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Google Olympics Basketball Doodle Game Released - Play!

Yesterday we saw the Google Olympics Hurdles Doodle released, in which we could actually play the role of an athlete, today Google came up with yet another Doodle that has lesser game-play but is as much fun as the hurdles game, presenting -  Google Olympics Basketball Doodle Game

Google Olympics Basketball Doodle
As with yesterdays doodle, you can compete and check your score against your friends and family and see if you create a world record number of points in the given 24 seconds.

This game has only one button to use, the space bar.It controls the power with which you throw the basketball.If you give too much power, it will go sailing over the board, if you give too little power, it will barely reach the hoop and will result in an air-ball.

Have fun with this Google Doodle game and do let us know your top score in the comments section below!
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