Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Alimony in Arizona

Alimony is something that is part and parcel of divorced peoples lives.They are used to the fact that they need to pay for the financial support of their previous spouses.This is a generally accepted practice and is often regarded as a necessity in many countries around the world as spouses who depend on the others should not be left empty handed after a divorce.

Alimony in the USA and especially Alimony in Arizona is a big issue as there are very few Arizona Alimony Lawyer that specialize and win cases in this regard.

Spousal maintenance is essentially a two-tiered case. The first issue which the courts in Arizona look at is whether one spouse is entitled to spousal maintenance. If answered affirmatively, then the second issue is the amount and duration of the award, which means the amount of money required to be paid by one spouse to the other as a settlement in the Alimony dispute.The amount is usually recurring, as in a monthly or a weekly payment which one spouse is required to make to the other.

Usually the common misconception with Alimony is that the husband pays the ex-wife, but in reality it can be either ways, from one spouse to another.

There are many factors that decide the amount of alimony to be paid by one spouse to the other, such as duration of the marriage, number of children, financial status of both the spouses etc.These factors are considered very important while deciding the amount of alimony to be paid to one spouse from the other.

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