Thursday, 9 August 2012

AdsGadget - the best solution for bloggers and website owners to profit from their traffic!

Self-serve ad platforms have a provided a brilliant solution for publishers who prefer a DIY approach to monetizing their sites. However, in a free market, there will always be the bigger players that have the industry advantage, hoarding all the profits. While this is good for some publishers, it unintentionally leaves the small ones behind.

This was the spark for creating AdsGadget

AdsGadget is a new self-serve ad platform intended for exactly those long-tail publishers that are often struggling to get noticed or earn some money due to their lack of traffic, conversions or number of impressions per month.

AdsGadget’s motto is simple use and maximum profits! And the most crucial thing to maximizing profits is optimization. AdsGadget gathered a professional optimization team that knows exactly how to direct a publisher’s traffic to the best-performing campaigns.  The platform is developed on a state-of-the art optimization algorithm and a wide variety of advertisers that make it possible to offer publishers unbeatable rates. As AdsGadget supports the long tail publishers, small blogs and websites, there are no minimum payouts, what you earn is what you get. 

AdsGadget has a very simple and easy to use interface, making the process a whole lot more enjoyable and friendly for publishers.  The sign up process is simple, and going live takes 15 seconds on the clock. The webmasters are simply required to copy and paste the banner tag on their website and AdsGadget takes care of the rest. The goal is to help the publisher as much as possible while giving them complete control over their website content.

Another priority feature for AdsGadget was immediacy. Publishers don’t like to wait to see results, and we don’t like unsatisfied publishers. AdsGadget enables publishers to go live immediately after sign-up; all auditing is done after the banners are live on the site. Tags are ready to be published the second they are created.

Finally, we believe that no partnership can be successful without respectful and around-the-clock support. AdsGadget put together a dedicated group of account managers and a great support team that are available at all times.

In short, AdsGadget is the perfect Adsense alternative for any publisher looking for an effective, high-paying ad platform to monetize their website traffic.
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