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Page Load Speed And SEO - Matt Cutts

Any blogger or webmaster will know that Matt Cutts is one of the most reliable sources of information about SEO and how Google search engine works.We had recently discussed Matt Cutts tips on ranking number one on Google search and about how Google treats affiliate links, today I came across another SEO tip from Matt about page load time or page speed of a website and how it matters in the search algorithm.

Is Page Speed A Very Important SEO Factor?

Page speed is important as a search engine optimization factor, but it is not as important as relevancy and quality unique content.Matt says that page speed is important but the factors such as relevancy, backlinks are considered first and then if two sites have the same relevancy, then page speed is considered.The faster the page speed, the higher will be its ranking in Google search.

Having said this, the web pages or websites which have extremely low page load speeds like over 20 seconds might see a drop in their ranking according to the Panda Update (See if your blog has a Panda Penalty).

Why Page Speed Is Important?

Google's main goal is to make sure that people looking for search results have the best experience possible, they do not want to recommend sites to people which are very slow in loading and hence create an undesirable experience for readers.

Google believes in relevancy and an overall good experience to be the key.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Page Speed?

Google provides you the page speed tool to analyze your page speed and ways in which to improve it.Google provides you three types of categories in which you can improve your site speed.
  • High Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority
They also provide you with detailed instructions to correct the page speed inhibitors and hence make your site faster.

I hope this post helped out bloggers who are worried about their page speed.If you have any doubts, please leave a comment.All comments are welcome!

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