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Next Page Rank Update July 2012?

Page Rank Update
Bloggers and webmasters are yet again eagerly waiting for the next Google Page Rank update which may increase or decrease the page rank of  their website.The last page rank update happened a couple of months ago in May, May 3 2012 to be precise, so we are heading into the zone where the next Google page rank update may appear.I am positive that there will be an update the toolbar page rank at-least by the end of the month as it would be three months since the last page rank update.

What Can We Expect In The Next Page Rank Update?

The next Google page rank update may see the page rank of many websites such as, which have been caught by the Google Panda Update for either selling links, hosting malware, producing content that have been copied from other sites, low quality content, or sites with low page load speed.

A really good example of this is, which has been penalized in terms of page rank reduction due to openly selling links to other websites from their homepage.You can see the proof of this, as Barry himself agrees that his site has had a penalty in terms of Page Rank reduction in this blog post.

If such big websites with huge amounts of followers and influence over the internet can be penalized, surely the smaller sites which do the same are not going to spared.Hence I feel that in the next page rank update, these websites will get a lower page rank than they already had.

How To Avoid The Page Rank Drop In The Next PR Update?

If your site is performing any of the activities as mentioned above, then you need to take some preventive measures to ensure that your page rank does not drop.The important thing is that you make these changes early enough to give Google sufficient time to ensure that you have made changes to your site, so that it falls back into the "good zone" of webmaster policies that Google has laid out.

Google may require a week or a couple of weeks to notice that your site has changed for the better, it may even take Google until the next Panda Refresh to see that your site is not breaking policies any more.So correct the mistakes as soon as possible.

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