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Labnol Hacked - All Amit Agarwal's Sites Deleted

If you are blogger, then you will know about Labnol and Amit Agarwal, the first professional blogger from India.He makes his living due to his blogs, websites and tools which he has developed.Shocking news came out when Amit Agarwal tweeted that his sites had all been deleted.Let me give the whole info on how this hacking of Labnol occurred and how the site came back live again.

How I Came To Know That Labnol Was Hacked?

As part of my regular day, I tried to visit labnol of June 30, but the site was just not responding.I felt this was quite odd as Amit takes really good care of his sites and hosting and would never allow this to happen, after all, he is the tech guru.

So I went on to twitter to see if Amit had posted anything about it and to my shock, I found out that Labnol had been hacked by some hackers.Here is the twitter pic of what Amit had to say about the hacking -

Labnol Hacked

How Could Hackers Hack Labnol?

There are several ways in which hackers could have hacked into labnol.Here are some of my guesses.
  • They could have gotten some personal information regarding the site from Amit without Amit noticing, this might have helped them answer security questions.
  • They might have tried a combination of possible passwords, this is called "brute-forcing".
  • They may have hacked one of Amit's smaller sites or mail id's and if Amit uses the same password for all his online accounts, then they may have gained access to the main site of Amit agarwal, Labnol.
  • They may have capitalized on some vulnerable WordPress plugins that Amit uses on Labnol to trace his password.

How Did Labnol Come Back Live Again?

Labnol came back up live within 24 hours of the hacking, while some of his other sites such as are still down.The reason behind this was that the hacker had left the databases of labnol alone, untouched.So Amit was able to restore the website quickly.May be the hacker felt too guilty to delete that as it is one of the most influential and useful tech blogs in the world.

What Did Amit Agarwal Have To Say About The Hacking?

Amit Agarwal posted a new post on labnol, in which he explained why he could not concentrate on his site much through the hacking due to some personal issues.You can read more about it here.

Here is what Amit had to say about the hacking -

I have been mostly offline for the last two weeks, trying to spend as much time with him as possible, and then another unfortunate event happened. Someone managed to hack into my websites during this time. I did try cleaning up but, because of reasons now known to you, it was impossible for me to focus on the website.

On July 1st, the hacker stepped on the gas and deleted every single file /website that was hosted on my web server. I do not know how this happened and I may have lost some of my previous work but there’s a good side to the story – this fellow was kind enough to spare my databases and hence the main site is at least up and running now.

This is a difficult period but am hopeful that things will be normal soon. Thank you for all the support and I will see you online in the coming weeks.
Hopefully Amit will be able to regain access to all his sites soon, let us hope that this happens.Leave a comment below about what you think about the hacking of labnol. 
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