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How To Increase Google Page Rank?

First of all, before reading this post, you need to know what Google page rank is, so make sure you check this out - What Is Google Page Rank?

Now that you know what Google page rank is, you can proceed to understand how you can increase the page rank of your website or blog.Remember, getting a page rank 2 or 3 is not really that difficult, but anything over that is a little difficult.Page rank 4 and 5 are achievable over a few months of work, but page rank 6 or 7 is highly unlikely to happen even with hard work, unless you can get backlinks from high profile news sites or your guest blog a lot at PR 6 blogs.

Increasing your Google Page Rank

Here are some tips you can follow to get a good page rank for your blog or website -

Guest Blogging 
Guest blogging at high page rank sites and popular authority sites can drastically increase your page rank.But most good blogs do not accept cheap or mediocre articles, nor do they accept guest posts which are copied from other blogs or websites.Most good sites also look for depth and length of content.They first of all look for good content but they also like longer posts like over 500 words.

Blog Commenting
Commenting on dofollow blogs can also increase your page rank.This is not the best way to increase your blog's page rank but it is possible to get a page rank of 2 or 3 by just blog commenting at dofollow blogs.

Exchanging Links With Friends
This process is not great for SEO, but it can be useful to get a decent page rank of 2 or 3.The thing with link exchanges is that Google does not like them very much and hence does not pass on too much link juice to link exchanges.To overcome this, many people use three way link exchanges, this is also being caught by Google.

Forum Posting
Posting and actively participating and providing value to forums and threads can help you get useful backlinks to your blog which can increase your Google page rank.Forum posting can also bring you a trickle of targeted traffic that suits your niche.

Paid Links
Paid links are bordering on the black-hat SEO techniques, but it is effective.I do not recommend using paid links, but if it is a last resort, you may have to go for it.Google usually catches links from link farms easily, this can affect both the host and the customer.

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So these are some of the ways in which you can increase your Google page rank.If you know any other ways, please let me know by dropping a comment below!
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