Monday, 30 July 2012

Google Page Rank Update August 2012

Well, all of us webmasters have been waiting for nearly three months since the last Google Page Rank that occurred on May 3 2012.It has been generally understood that the Google Page Rank updates occur on a regular if not periodic basis of around 3 months each.We are almost near the end of the third month since the Google Page Rank of May 2012.So if you are a blogger or a webmaster, you can surely look forward to a Google Page Rank update that is right around the corner.

Google Page Rank Update August

Will My Blog Get A Higher Page Rank This Time?

One of the reasons why the page rank updates are spaced as they are is to offer some time for bloggers and webmasters to increase their page rank.If you have done all the stuff mentioned in that blog post on increasing Google Page Rank, then you can be rest assured that your page rank will increase soon.

What Is The Aim Of TechGau In Terms Of This Page Rank Update?

Although I do not really look out for page rank as a great milestone, it is good to have a decent page rank, after our first page rank update, we got a page rank of 2, which I am moderately happy with but I am not greatly pleased with that, I was expecting more, may be a PR 3.I hope that this time at-least, I will get a good page rank of 3 or 4.

When Can We Expect The Google Page Rank Update Of August 2012?

We can expect to see the change in toolbar page rank within the first week of August, that is before the 7th.

Please share with me, what page rank you are expecting for your blog or website by commenting below!
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