Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Google looks to Kansas for its next stage of internet dominance

Not content with its current domination, Google have begun a new way to conquer the world through high-speed internet lines.

The search engine masters are four months into a plan to completely rehash the internet connectivity of the US city of Kansas with their new ‘Google Fibre’ that will attempt to enter the US into a new age of how we use the internet through the structured cabling of fibre-optics.

Currently, the average broadband speed in the US is around the 12.84 Mbps mark – 31st in the world and just ahead of the UK – but now Kansas will be the first to have a taste of Google’s 1Gbps service.

That kind of speed is about 100-times faster than that of the average broadband service others enjoy in the US.

So, are we about to enter a period where buffering becomes an issue of the past and will instantaneous downloading become second nature?

Well this is certainly the aim of Google’s plan and is set to change the lives of many if it catches on throughout the country.

This is by no means the first company to offer such speeds. Electric power company Chattanooga in Tennessee can bring the same 1Gbps to their customers, but with a high asking price of $350 a month, far from many have signed up so far.

Google insists their rates will be ‘competitive’, but will only be available initially to residential areas before moving on to the commercial districts of Kansas.

Once more, the US is showing their impressive rate of progression in the technology market, with the UK’s BT service announcing that next year they will be able to offer 300 Mbps – less than a third of what Google are offering.

The general consensus in Kansas is positive, with many believing it will push them to be a much more current location in the US and help the city move away from its “cow town” connotations.

Google’s fibre optic line is expected to raise the standards of the city’s natives and their lives through the net, but commentators are aware of the guinea pig nature of the plans.

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