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TechGau Earnings Report For June 2012 | Geeks & Nerds Online

This is the first time that I am releasing an earnings report for TechGau.Org.Making money online was not easy in the beginning two months when I started this blog, even now it is definitely not easy but has become easier than before with increasing popularity and traffic.

Earlier in June, I was using several different advertising platforms, affiliates etc to make money, but now I have cut down many of these methods to concentrate on a few methods as well as reduce the number of ads on my, as you can see, I usually do not have more than one or two ads on my site.

So let us begin with the Earnings Report of TechGau - Geeks & Nerds Online, for the month of June 2012 -

(The format will be - Advertising Platform followed by the earnings from it.)

Google Adsense - 178$

A little less when compared to similar traffic sites but we use only one ad unit - 468X60, which is not exactly optimized to earn most from adsense, the upside to this is that readers see lesser number of ads.

Clicksor - 52$

I stopped using this around the 3rd week of June, it was a CPM Ad variety, the only one of its kind I used to use.

HostGator Affiliate - 100$

Was disappointed with the fact that we got only two sign-ups in a whole month, especially since we get targeted traffic of webmasters and bloggers.

Sponsored Posts - 504.5$

With targeted traffic and good ratings in terms of Page Rank (2), Alexa Rank (43K) and a lot of subscribers (6225+ on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS) it was not difficult to get accepted into review sites such as SponsoredReviews or ReviewMe.Also we saw an increase in the number of direct sponsored post requests.

BlogAds - 32$

We got offers to run ads from BlogAds for only a couple of weeks of the month and hence did not really make a great amount of money, the surprising thing is, we are still not accepted into BuySellAds, I had last applied for BuySellAds when our Alexa Rank was around 65K, may be now they might approve.

So these were the only sources of income for this blog in June 2012.

Grand Total - 866.5$

This is a really good start, from the coming months, I wish to reduce the number of sponsored posts and increase revenue through HostGator or Adsense, I do not like to use HostGator much as they just look ugly to me!

Hopefully I will be able to maintain this amount in the coming months!

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