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What is "Disavow" Links? What is its SEO Use?

Google had recently announced that it will add a new feature that can help webmasters and bloggers to "disavow" links.This was the first of its kind tool and was eagerly looked forward to by all the bloggers and webmasters.But Bing created a shock in the world of SEO by releasing the "disavow" feature before Google did.Bing announced that they had released the "disavow" tool in the Bing Webmaster Tools and that the feature was operational now.

What is "Disavow"?

Disavowing links is a way to make pesky and spam links that may be pointing towards your website or blog.With the "disavow" links tool, you can now choose which of the backlinks your website has should count towards your SERP and Page Rank attribution.You can choose the links you trust to add to your SERP and disavow the other links which you think are bringing you down rather than pulling your search ratings up.

Why to Disavow Links?

Not all the links that point toward your site increase your SERP ratings, some links that are pointing towards your site can be considered as spam links set up by you or by some spammer, they can be considered as bought links or link-exchanges.These kinds of links do not increase the ratings of a website, rather they actually decrease the ratings of a website.Google Panda targets sites which have these kind of backlinks ( See if your blog has a Panda penalty).

By removing these links, you can prove to Bing and soon to Google as well that you are not involved in creating these spam links and hence you are not to be held responsible for them.

How to Disavow Links?

Disavowing links is now limited to Bing, but it will soon be out in Google Webmaster Tools as well.Here is how you can disavow links in Bing Webmaster Tools -

Log in to your webmaster tools account on Bing and proceed to Dashboard > Configure My Site > Disavow Links.Here you can choose which of your backlinks you want to disavow.

Disavow Links

Things to remember while your are disavowing links

Although disavowing is a good option to remove unwanted backlinks, you must remember to carefully examine each link to check if it was a naturally developed back-link or an unnatural one.Disavow a link only if you are sure that removing that link would not drop your ratings and you are also sure that the particular link is a spam link.You do not want to lose out on good links by disavowing them.
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