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Best Uses For Old Laptops

Uses For Old LaptopsThere was a time when it was okay to throw away everything in the trash because it had little bearing on the effects on our environment. Now, with overpopulation and plenty of other dangerous factors affecting everyone’s health and safety, recycling and reusing are now more important than ever.

This is the case with laptops today. More and more laptops get thrown into landfills as they get older and obsolete. But there are many ways to get more out of your device instead of just throwing it away. Here’s a list you’ll find very interesting.

 Old LaptopsCreate a Home Server 

Creating a home server is one of the most useful ways of maximizing your old laptop. If you find that your old laptop is getting a little too slow for your taste because you just replaced it with a faster one, then creating a server will give the old one a second lease on life.

Why do it anyway? Well, a server allows you to store your files as a backup. If you have several computers in your home, connecting them all together at once is a very fast way to make sure everything has a copy. The advantage really comes in handy when your old laptop has a big hard disk drive.

Alarm Clock
Laptop Alarm

Normally, we allocate the task of alarm clocks to actual… alarm clocks. We also use our cell phones or smartphones. Why should they have all of the fun? Why can’t our laptop wake us up?
If you chose the path of the home server, then your laptop will always be on every day. This is the perfect time to make use of an alarm clock.
To do this, you can download the Banshee Screamer, made by Hanov Solutions. It’s just a simple package that you can install easily.

Local Donations
If your computer isn’t too old, and runs at least on Windows XP, then you can donate your old laptop to the local school. People are always in need of educational materials, and an old laptop will work very well for kids to be acquainted with computers.
If you think your school has enough, you can donate it to foreign charities where computers are used for developing countries. There, your computer has a much bigger chance of being maximized.

Sell Your Laptop
Another thing you can do is to sell your laptop and use the money for whatever else you need. If it’s just lying there around the corner gathering dust, then selling it will be the best way to make the most out of it.
There are many companies that purchase old laptops and turn them into spare parts. If you sell your laptop to those kinds of companies, your laptop won’t end up in the landfill.

So there you have it – several ways to make sure your laptop stays useful. Don’t think an old laptop is useless anymore because it’s slower than the new one. There’s always something you can do to make it useful.

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Mikaela V. Taylor is an aspiring blogger who currently writes for Cash For Laptops, where one can have trade in laptop and help save the environment.
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