Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's Not Just About Blogging Anymore!

There were days when blogging was about just that, blogging.Putting your passions and interests in text and giving your insights to the world.Blogging was a new term in the early 2000's when the internet was filled with websites of business companies, news sites.At that time, blogging was not about making money, it was not about search engine optimization (it was surely not about creating a blog to obey the Google zoo animals).It was about people expressing themselves, be it as a personal diary, a place to take out one's frustration, to rant about one's favorite sports team etc.

So what has changed since then?

Internet evolved.It became more accessible to the everyday man, new possibilities arose in the field of blogging.The likes of Adsense, Affiliates came up and gave bloggers a way to make money from their hobby, which was previously only about personal satisfaction (but then again, some people gain satisfaction by earning money).

I am not saying that making money from blogging is bad or unethical, it is actually a good thing, a reward for blogging.All I am saying is that people should not leave the main path of blogging and go on to the smaller paths of making money from blogging.

I have seen bloggers change, the blogs got stuffed with ads, the content space started reducing. once they started making money, they tend to write articles or blog posts in expectancy of earning money, previously the objective of blogging was to have fun and provide personal relief.

When this expected money does not arrive, it leads to disappointment and people may stop blogging because of this.This is bad, as they probably started blogging as a way to have fun and ended up not blogging due to the fact that they did not make money from it.

Then came SEO.As there were more and more people getting in to the field of blogging (probably due to the  monetization opportunities that arose), naturally there started a competition to rank a blog higher in the search to get noticed more and more.This gave rose to search engine optimization wars among bloggers.

People started to spam comment on other blogs, bought thousands of spam backlinks, spammed forums and directories to get more and more links to their blog all in the struggle to rank above the other bloggers!In this struggle.Then there was the keyword spamming, some blog posts no longer made sense to the readers due to the fact that it was written for the search engines and not for readers.In this struggle for supremacy, people forgot that Google likes great content (which they were originally producing for readers, not for search bots).

So basically, the meaning of "Blogging" has changed, but it is good to know that there are some bloggers left out there that love to create content which readers love to read and enjoy themselves while doing so.Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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