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On Page SEO - Best Factors To Think About

On Page SEO
Search engine optimization is something that every blogger must dip his toe into as it is no longer possible to rank highly on Google with quality content alone.Many bloggers start out with passion to write about something they love but end up not receiving any audience to it, this reduces their determination to continue blogging, this is the reason why so many bloggers stop after a while.This is usually the first six month phase of blogging, where the work is more and the rewards are less.So SEO is very important to avoid this situation, with proper SEO techniques, you can ensure that your blog with quality content gets a good number of organic visitors and also ensures your blog ranks high on Google search.

SEO is of different types, you need to perform SEO for your site in different phases.Today, in this article, I will talk about the on page SEO factors and how you can optimize your on page SEO factors.

What Is On-Page SEO?

Each and every article you write needs to be optimized to rank the highest possible in the search engines.This process of optimizing your every article to reach its potential search ratings is called On-Page SEO.This is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization.

There are several factors that make up On-Page SEO and these have been detailed below -

Quality Of The Article

Before being concerned with some SEO tricks, you need to ensure that your blog post is very well written in proper grammar and contains information that is useful to the reader.The information must be first of all worthy to be rated top on Google search.

Once you are sure that you have something new to offer in terms of freshness and quality of the article, then you can concentrate on other aspects of search engine optimization.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is, no of times keyword is repeated divided by the total number of words in the article.The number of times a keyword or a phrase is repeated tells the search engine how relevant your article is to the given search term.

An ideal keyword density is one that has come about when you have written an article for your readers rather than for a search engine bot.But this is a vague statement, so I will try to give you a definite answer in terms of keyword density for best on-page SEO.

The ideal keyword density would be around 2-4%, any more than this would be considered as spam by Google search bots.The search bots have become very intelligent, they can tell if you have used keywords unnecessarily.The bots can make out if a sentence is formed naturally or has been stuffed with keywords.

I have seen many blogs having a separate area below the post where they have tons of different varieties of the same keyword written over and over again.These are the kind of sites that have been penalized by Panda and Penguin updates.

Title Tags

Title tags need to be descriptive more than having a lot keywords, they must accurately describe your article in a single line.Never try to stuff keywords in the title, try to use more keywords in the first paragraph of an article rather than the title.

Remember, Google loves titles such as "How To ......." "Why Is ......." as this is probably what people are going to search for.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are really important to just give you that edge over the competition, there are two types of meta tags that are widely used, of which the keyword meta tag is no longer utilized by search bots as a measure in search rankings due to its widespread misuse and spam.

Meta description tags need to be written for readers as well and not be stuffed with keywords, the description tag is the one that appears when someone searches for a particular search term.So make it compelling, make the readers want to read more.You can see how to add meta tags to blogger blogs here.

The Meta tags need to be within 140 words and ensure that you do not repeat your keyword more than twice in your description.Forget about meta keywords, they are useless and do not waste your time over them.

ALT Image Titles

The search bots cannot read or see the images you have on your blog post, so you need to help them come to know about the image.This can be done by the inclusion of ALT tags.ALT tags provide information on what the image or picture is actually about.Make sure that your keywords are used in ALT tags, but not extensively, use them within sensible limits.

Using good ALT tags can increase the traffic you get from Google image search, actually a lot of our traffic also comes from Google image search as we add ALT tags to all the images.

Naming Of Images

Many webmasters make the mistake of adding names to images which look like this  - "Eai332sfd", these are pretty much useless when it comes to SEO, so you need to make sure that your image names and the page topic match well.Try descriptive names for your images, such "Green Dog" or "Singing Bird" if your page topic is related to those image names.

Internal Linking

This does not have too much impact on the page that is linking out to other internal pages, but it has a lot of importance in terms of SEO for the pages that being linked to.So use internal linking liberally and ensure that all your blog posts have at-least one post linking back to it.

External Linking

Many people think that external linking is bad, but is not always the case.Linking out to articles that have helped add value to your blog post can be good in terms of SEO.Ensure that you are linking to only authority sites which are not violating any copyrights.

Use the "nofollow" tag for links to sites which you are not so sure about as these might be "bad neighborhood" links.

Permalink Structure

Your permalink structure is also important.Make sure that you include all your keywords and phrases in your  permalink as added points are given to those articles which have the keyword in their link URL.You can learn more about adding permalink here.

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So these are some of the On-Page SEO tricks that I use to get my blog posts to rank highly in Google search, if you have any other ways to improve on page SEO, please let me know in the comments section, all the comments are welcome.Remember to share this post!
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