Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Google Adsense Warns Publishers For Blocking Ads

As most of you Adsense publishers know, you have the ability to block certain ads from appearing on your blog or website, Google has always given this option and it has been commonly used by many of the Adsense publishers.
Google Adsense

It is also well known that blocking ads will reduce income.This can be explained easily.If you are seeing certain ads on your website, then you can assume that they are the highest paying ads available at that moment that fits your content.If you block any of these ads, then you are losing one of the highest paying ads available at that moment.This was what Google used to tell publishers before, now they seem to have taken more drastic words to stop adsense publishers from blocking ads.

Now Google seems to be describing blocking ads as a "Grave Mistake" as it can drastically reduce a publishers income.

Here is the Webmasterforum thread that I came across, which had this topic.The publisher seems to be getting the following warning in his Google Adsense account-
You have rejected ad requests, which will result in lost revenue.
He has also described the following as the information provided when you click on the warning given-
When you click on the details link - it says "Rejected ad requests" Ad unit "UNIT NAME" has been shown on "Incorrect sites", and the site is: ""
Have any of you experienced the same warnings in your adsense accounts? If you have more information, please provide in the comments section!

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