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MyBlogGuest Review - Not Recommended For Blog Owners

This post is just what I think about MyBlogGuest, I would like to give bloggers some of the disadvantages and advantages of MyBlogGuest.Com, which I saw in the short stint I had with them.

What Is MyBlogGuest?

MyBlogGuest is a website where you can easily find guest posts for your blog in a variety of topics, provided your blog has a good page rank.If not, then the guest bloggers do not like to publish in your site.In the single month that I used MyBlogGuest, I was initially happy with the results, but later on, I started seeing the bad side and all the negative affects of the website.

What Are The Disadvantages Of MyBlogGuest?

There are several disadvantages with varying level of intensity that can hurt your blog and your reputation as a blogger.There may be several other disadvantages of MyBlogGuest which I have not noticed, but here is the list of the disadvantages that I have noticed -

Poor to Average Content: Very rarely do you find a good article at MyBlogGuest, most of the articles are written in a hurry just to increase the number of articles published on different blogs.Rarely does an article have great insight and that "Freshness" about it.

Filled With Freelancers: MyBlogGuest is 99% filled with freelancers who do not have a blog for themselves but are usually working for SEO companies, which offer them small amounts of cash for each article published at a particular page rank website or blog.So you can see that the only reason why these freelancers provide guest posts at MyBlogGuest is to get page rank juice and not for other reasons such as increasing followers for their own blog, learning more, getting more exposure as a blogger.

Content is Rehashed, More Than Once: Content is rehashed in different words to make 5 or 6 articles with slightly different Titles.They try to make the same article work for them to get backlinks from several different blogs.Google detects these articles and only the sites publishing them will get penalties such as Panda and Penguin, the freelancers have nothing to lose.

Affiliate Links: Several of the freelancers at MyBlogGuest use direct affiliate links in their articles, which if you publish them can bring down your income and search engine ratings.See what Matt Cutts has to say about affiliate links.

Image Hotlinking: Several of the articles have images hosted on different sites, when you publish these articles on your site, you are looking at facing Google Penalties, for hotlinking others images, which consumes others bandwidth.

This method is also used by some of them to get traffic to their own sites or sites of clients.

Linking to Bad Neighborhoods: No blogger with a good site ever posts articles at MyBlogGuest (Why would they?!), so all the articles you publish will always be linking to bad neighborhoods.This again can drop your search engine rankings.

These were some of the disadvantages that I have found with MyBlogGuest, however there are some uses to it as-well.I have listed them below -

Advantages Of MyBlogGuest

Free Articles: If you do not care about the quality of articles but only care about the number of articles you have published, then MyBlogGuest would be perfect for you.

More Connections: You can build a network of people who freelance, hence you can get content anytime from them, it helps build your list of freelancers, if ever you need any guest posts.

Increase Social Influence: Most of these freelancers are also on all the social networks, they will usually follow you after you publish posts from them.

A Trickle Of Traffic: Since these freelancers are very good at including high traffic keywords in titles and articles, you can expect a small amount of traffic from at-least half of the articles you publish, from search engines, especially the likes of Bing.

So, I would not really recommend MyBlogGuest to Bloggers looking for guest posts, but I do recommend MyBlogGuest to SEO's and freelancers who make money by providing links to clients.

Let me know what you think about MyBlogGuest, have you had any experiences with them?

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