Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Google Panda Japan and Korea Update - 18th July

Yet another Google Panda update hit bloggers on 18th July, but this time around, it is affecting only those bloggers and webmasters from Japan and Korea.Here is the official confirmation from Google through Twitter about the latest panda update concerning Japan and Korea.

Google Panda Japan Korea

This Panda Update, according to Google will affect only 5% or less queries.No other languages other than Japanese and Korean will be affected by this new update to the Google algorithm.

There have recently been a lot of reports of Japanese and Korean bloggers using free blogging platforms such as blogger and wordpress to spam for keywords, this seems to be the reason behind the panda update, to eliminate such sites which have little or no content.

If you are a Japanese or Korean Blogger looking to check if your blog has been affected by Google Panda, then please see - Check Panda Penalty.

If you wish to correct your site to make it Google friendly again, then please see - Make Google Friendly Sites.
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