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Tips For Getting Approved By BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an online network of advertisers and publishers who are mutually supported.BuySellAds has long been the most successful of these kind of networks and has earned the trust of both publishers and advertisers alike.Getting approved for BuySellAds is very tough, in fact it is about a 100 times tougher than getting accepted into Adsense and yet many bloggers treat this as an adsense alternative.

BuySellAds can be a great source or revenue for a blogger if they have a blog with a decent amount of traffic on it.I personally feel that these kind of networks (BuySellAds, BlogAds etc) can earn more for a blogger than adsense.If making money online is your aim then you need to strive to get accepted into the BuySellAds network.


How to get accepted into BuySellAds?

The below stated points are those put forward by BuySellAds themselves to help the publishers, so they can be taken as information from the horses mouth.

  • Your blog must be getting a lot of traffic.Atleast 50000 page views a month to be able to enter the BuySellAds network as a publisher, without this much minimum traffic, they just won't accept your blog, unless you have another well established site already in BuySellAds.
  • Your blog must not be something that you made a few days back, it needs to have a lot of content and must have been established a while back.BuySellAds does not mention how old a blog must be before it gets approved, but the general notion is that a blog must be at-least 5 or 6 months old.
  • Your blog must have fresh content, unique and well written content.You cannot just copy something from other blogs (this can lead to a panda penalty).You need high quality content before even dreaming of getting into BuySellAds.
  • If your blog is non-english then you need to very high traffic to get accepted into the BuySellAds network.
  • Your blog must not have a lot of ads, especially untargeted ads, pop-ups etc.The homepage is recommended to be free of ads, read - making a better home page.
  • Your blog must have its own domain name, if you have a or a, it won't be accepted.
Now, let us look into some of the other requirements which have been observed by many bloggers including myself about the BuySellAds approval process.
  • You blog must have an Alexa Rank of below 100000 at-least.But this does not guarantee the inclusion of a site into BuySellAds.You have a more realistic chance of getting approved by BuySellAds if your Alexa rank is below 50000, if your Alexa Rank is below 10000 and your site is of decent quality then your blog will surely be accepted.Read - How To Increase Alexa Rank.
  • Your blog must have a page rank of at-least 3, although lower page rank websites do get accepted, page rank 3 and above are more likely to get accepted by BuySellAds.Look to build quality backlinks to increase your page rank.See when the next page rank update will occur.
  • At the time of applying, do not use rival ad networks such as BlogAds.
  • Your blog must have a very professional design and must have hundreds, if not thousands of followers from Facebook, Twitter and RSS.
So, if your blog fulfills all these needs, then you are pretty much sure to get added to the BuySellAds network.What do you guys think about BuySellAds? Please leave a comment below!

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