Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Windows 8 Phone OS - 8 Amazing Features Review

Microsoft have unveiled their latest mobile operating system, without considering the previous owners of Windows phones.The new Windows Phone 8 operating system has 8 new features that wont be available on older Windows Phones, but will be available only on the new handsets, or the next generation of windows phones.

Here are the 8 Amazing Features of the Windows Phone 8 Operating System -

First Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - More Resolution Options:

Windows Phone 8 - More Resolution Options

The new Windows Phone 8 Operating System supports three different resolutions - 
  • 1280×768
  • 1280×720
  • 800×480
This will allow for even lower end phones to be able to use the Windows Phone 8 Operating System.

Second Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Shared Core:

Windows Phone 8 - Shared Core

This is the single reason why the older Windows Phones cannot accommodate the Windows Phone 8 Operating System, the core of both the mobile and computer versions are the same and hence developers can easily develop apps that are usable both on the computer carrying Windows 8 as well as a mobile phone carrying Windows Phone 8 Operating System.

Third Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - NFC:
NFC or Near Field Communication can be used to tap cards, items etc to see digital details of whatever it is that is being tapped.NFC can also be used to tap other device which have NFC to set up a sync of sharing between the two devices.

Fourth Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Flexible Tiles On Screen:
The screen with tiles can be customized to your preferences, the tiles of different colors can be re-sized to your needs.This allows users to be able to fit the information they need in the right places.This will also yield  a good variety of screens on different phones.

Fifth Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Maps:

Windows Phone 8 - Nokia Maps

All the Windows Phone 8 Operating System phones will get Nokia Maps (offline versions) to aid in navigating step by step, it has been said that this is one of the best Nokia Maps yet and will prove to be very useful especially for those who travel a lot.

Sixth Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Internet Explorer 10:

Windows Phone 8 - Internet Explorer 10

The Windows Phone 8 Operating System comes with the latest and greatest version of Internet Explorer - IE10.This will aid in seamless browsing at good speeds without lags.

Seventh Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Memory Card
The Windows Phone 8 Operating System allows for a Memory Card to be set up, this memory card can be a MicroSD card.Users can easily expand their memory through this, they can store music, videos etc on the external storage, they can even install applications and software on the external MicroSD card.

Eighth Amazing Feature of the Windows Phone 8 - Wallet:

Windows Phone 8 - Wallet

The Windows Phone 8 Operating System Wallet feature allows users to keep a track on all of their financial aids such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Cards and Coupons etc.They can use this Wallet feature to pay for stuff bought using Tapping.
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