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What Are The 3 Effective Steps Of Social Media Marketing?

The boom in social media has forced every company to incorporate socialmedia marketing in their main stream marketing plan. There are hundreds of social media websites that can create immense business opportunities for both small and large companies.

You will get innumerous internet and social media marketing tips on the Internet. However, it’s very confusing to choose the right advice and ignore the bad ones. Therefore, this article will give you some clear idea of smart social media marketing.

This is the biggest social networking website of the world. Its current market value stands at about $60 billion.

You may have an account but you may not know how to use it for business purposes. Businessmen can open a business account. It has a very simplistic design. However, there are several restrictions on such accounts.

You can also make a business fan page. Visitors of your fan page can sign-up as a fan (or a loyal consumer) of your business. Whenever you post or update your Facebook status, it will appear in your fan’s page as well. Moreover, Facebook has hyper-local ads which you can use for greater publicity.

Commercial blog
You have another way of increasing your web-presence by building up an informative blog. There are several free blogosphere (like WordPress.com or Blogspot.com) that you can register.

Once you get a blog domain. You have to regularly post high quality (informative) and unique content. You can even add images, videos, podcast to attract more visitors. Write according to your expertise or interest. This way you’ll stay focused because it’s a long term process. You can add some widgets like TweetMeme button to publicize your blog articles.

To get the most out of Twitter, you must learn some of the most advanced web-marketing tools. You have to learn to use tools like Seesmic, Tweetie, TweetDeck, etc. to eastablish yourself in this micro-blogging website. This is because it provides better customization control to implement your social media marketing strategies. Using Twitterfall will help you to catch-up with recent trends.

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There are more social media websites like StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, or MySpace that are also extremely useful for personal and business networking.

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