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VoIP vs Skype: A Complete Rundown

Since the use of internet goes global, most software and program developers came into an idea of using the internet as an instrument for an exquisite mode of communication. The once predicted modes of communications like video calls in the 60’s are now a reality.

The famous Skype which provides its users opportunity to have a video call with their love ones has been considered as the pioneering programs for this. However, there are rumors about some alternative VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that may be used when Skype breaks down during peak seasons like holidays.

In this article, Skype as the leading provider of VoIP services around the globe has been put in to the limelight to honor or review its services offered compared to some VoIP providers.
The following areas are considered vital into which VoIP providers should excel on.

Call Quality and Reliability

The call quality and reliability of VoIP services are dependent on the speed of the internet connection. The faster the internet connection is the clearer the voice quality of the calls. Another consideration would be the density of the traffic your connection has. Sometimes, your internet connection has a great speed but since 10 computers share that connection, it creates traffic that affects the VoIP calls. Remember that you cannot replace the old fashion telephone system because VoIP is internet dependent. Without internet, you cannot use it. The limitation of calls for some VoIP providers should also be considered. For example, Skype does not allow 911 calls. Although Skype can be convenient, relying with it all the time is not a good idea.    

How to get started?
It takes days to process VoIP application in most providers. The average processing days would reach up to 3 days. However, using an existing telephone number to your VoIP would take much longer time. Some providers will still ship the VoIP devices that would connect your number to your internet. Skype offers convenient start up procedures for the users. It will only take you 15 minutes to register and install Skype in your computer for free. You can call Skype with just the use of computer microphone and headsets. The best part with Skype is that, most smart phone has this application so that Skype users can use it mobile using 3G and 4G networks provided by the network carrier of the phone.

Most VoIP providers charge their users a flat rate for services like unlimited calls within the U.S. and countries like Canada. The average cost per month for some VoIP providers would reach up to $25 a month. This amount would be very expensive especially when your VoIP provider will let you sign a 1 year contract for it.

Skype offers inexpensive services to their clients. The basic users can make unlimited voice and video calls to other Skype users for free. For the pro users, an average of $3 a month offers you unlimited calls to U.S. and Canada.

These affordable services make Skype the number one VoIP provider in the world. As Skype continues to grow, they are now focused in maintaining the quality of their service.

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