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Top PPC Ad Networks With High CPC

Top PPC ad networks are something that are hard to come-by, there are so many fakers and PPC ad networks that are really not worth your time and effort.So it pays to know a list of top PPC ad networks which have a high CPC.These may be some of the best adsense alternatives out there, when it comes to PPC or CPC.This list of highest paying PPC or CPC ad networks has been made after taking careful consideration of the brand value, trust, reviews from users who have used these PPC or CPC ad networks.I have only selected those best paying PPC ad networks that have been known to actually payout to their publishers.So here it goes -

Best Paying CPC Ad Networks

Top PPC Ad Networks With High CPC - 

Top PPC Ad Network 1 - Google Adsense Obviously the best PPC and the highest paying CPC ad network.Most of the bloggers and webmasters use Google Adsense instead of any other CPC or PPC network.There are several people who earn more than 100000$ a year from Google Adsense.

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Top PPC Ad Network 2 - Chitika
This is another popular top paying CPC system where the ads are displayed in the form of popup ads and contextual advertising. Chitika is famous for its eMiniMalls and is also infamous for the fact that it is effective only for publishers who have a lot of USA and Canada traffic.But it is the second best top paying ppc network.

Top PPC Ad Network 3 - Adbrite
This is another pay per click (PPC) ad network that has ads which can be interstitial, banner ads, full page ads, video ads, in-text ads etc.This makes up the top three top paying PPC ad networks.

Top PPC Ad Network 4 - Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is also a cpc ad network, but the cpc is not really that high, they pay very less for each click compared to the top three best cpc ad networks.

Top PPC Ad Network 5 - Clicksor
This is another ad network that supports multiple formats like CPC, CPM, but they are more famous for their really good CPM program rather than their CPC program which is not so great as it takes several clicks to reach 10cents.

Top PPC Ad Network 6 - Adhitz
A lesser known PPC ad network, lesser known for a good reason - they pay less compared to the top three best ppc ad networks.

Top PPC Ad Network 7 - Obeus
Obeus is a decent ppc ad network, but the only drawback is that they do not have many advertisers, which will results in very less ad variety on your site.

Top PPC Ad Network 8 - Kontera
kontera is inline or in-text ppc/cpc ad network.Inline text ads will be shown on selected keywords of our blog post, although this can be very irritating to the readers, it does have a very high CTR. Kontera shares 70% of revenue with publishers.

Top PPC Ad Network 9 - Infolinks
Infolinks is the most used in-text advertising ppc network. Payment is paid via PayPal and minimum payout is $50.
Top Paying PPC Ad Networks

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