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Top Link Building Methods - Ways to Increase Your SERP

Top link building methods are those that promote a website and help increase its position on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You have just entered the Internet Marketing field looking to create a successful business online. You have launched your maiden website as the first step in this direction in a popular niche taking care to build several pages of great and useful content.

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Is my site on Page One?
Within a week you start searching Google for the specific keywords around which you have built your site with the hope of finding it on page one. Do you think this is possible? Ranking high on search engines is very much possible and not a very difficult task too provided you know a few basic things about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the process that helps you ensure that:
 * visibility of your website increases
 * your website would get free targeted traffic
 * page views (visitors) turn into effective conversions
 * there is better usability of your site
 * excellent return on investment (ROI)

The higher your website's position on the search engines, the more the chances of people finding your business online. Good SEO includes great content and quality backlinks from high Page Rank (PR) sites.

Top link building methods
There are several ways by which you can build quality backlinks to your website. Let's analyze them one by one.

Article marketing
Article marketing is one of the top link building methods used to increase your site visibility and attract more traffic. There are many popular article directories that would accept your articles written on topics related to the content on your site. Ezinearticles, articledashboard, articlecity, ehow, suite101, articletrader, isnare, buzzle etc. are a few of the directories that have a high PR.

Write an article and get it published on one article directory with a backlink to your sales page/home page. You could either tweak it a little to make it different or get it spun (but see to it that the spun content reads well and does not look like spam) and publish it on other directories as well. This way, your content is spread across several locations on the web in a natural manner and more and more people get to see it. The link back to your website increases traffic and depending on the content and call to action, increases your sales.

Blog commenting
This is a very simple yet powerful link building method. All you have to do is visit blogs in your related niche and post comments that earns you a link back to your website. The important thing to note here is that you need to read the blog and post useful and relevant comment so that it appears genuine to the readers.

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Forum posting
Yet another powerful link building method, forum posting is also very simple. Register on forums in your niche and interact with members so as to gain reputation. Once you become known for your useful feedback and comments, your site will see a lot more traffic than before.

Edu and Gov blogs
There can be nothing as powerful as edu and gov blog links. Links from these blogs help you get powerful backlinks that would increase your traffic multifold. There are a few edu blogs where you could even create posts independently and link back to your website.

Profile creation
You will find high PR sites where you can create a profile and the backlinks you get from these sites are of very high quality.

Social media marketing
Though this is listed last, do not underestimate the power of social media links. You have,, where you can register and add your page url that will be shared on the web over a period of time. Twitter, facebook, pinit and many sites such as digg, multiply, diigo, stumbleupon are used for getting backlinks to your website. Most of these are free though some may require a payment.

These are a few of the top link building methods that would help your website reach the most sought-after page one position on the major search engines and make your business a successful one. Backlinks form the backbone of any online business. Always remember that quality prevails over quantity in so far as backlinks are concerned.

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