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Top 5 iPhone Apps to Help Improve Grades

Modern technology has revolutionized the way people do everything, including how they study. Now students can improve their grades by using iPhone apps that are specifically designed to help with studying. Here are the top five iPhone apps that can directly benefit students.

1. iStudiez Pro

This app is a quintessential organizer application specifically designed for students trying to balance a busy academic schedule. This app not only helps a student maintain a calendar of assignments and classes, but it also can be used as a central hub for recording grades, prioritizing assignments and planning study sessions. Syncing the information across multiple platforms allows students to update their information from their computer or mobile device to ensure they are constantly keeping up with their course work.

2. Outliner

The endless creation of notes and collected information can quickly become disorganized and difficult to use. With the Outliner app, students can feed all of their data into a personal cloud so that the information is efficiently organized. The beauty of Outliner is that information can be fed into it from any web enabled device for streamlined review on a home computer, but the cloud of information is also portable because Outliner is accessible from the iPhone.

3. Genius Scan

Now students can create direct copies of information detailed through visual aids in class simply by photographing it with their iPhone. The advantage to using this application over simply taking a photo is that perspective and other image edits can be adjusted so that pictures taken from indirect vantage points will still yield highly usable references later. The images can then be saved to PDF for printing or computer storage. This app is also useful when consulting reference books that cannot be removed because now a personal printable copy can be made right from the iPhone.

4. Mental Case Flashcards

The repetitive practice associated with flashcards is a proven way to memorize concepts and facts, but the time it takes to make usable flashcards can be impractical. Now with this easy to use app, students can efficiently make clear and useful flashcards in a fraction of the time it takes to make them by hand. The best part is that the giant stack of finished flashcards can be taken everywhere on the iPhone.

5. Course Specific Apps

The needs of different courses vary and so do the applications that are specifically tailored to those needs. Apps like Algebra Touch, Brain Tutor 3D, and World offer subject-specific learning aids that help students to find more detailed explanations and demonstrations of course material. This kind of app eliminates wasted time searching the web and allows for more focused study time.

Technology is a great tool for learning when it is used to help a student study. By employing these apps, a student is able to study more effectively. Improved organization can also lead to a higher GPA when students are able to carry with them their entire set of resources for studying simply by using the storage capacity of an iPhone to accumulate and organize the needed material. Computers are improving information sharing, and smarter students are finding more creative ways to use the iPhone.

Author: George Godinez is a freelance blogger, who writes educational advice. George finds that iPhone apps are extremely useful study tools, especially when you are studying at one of the best conflict resolution graduate programs.Read our guidelines to be a Guest Author at TechGau.Org
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