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Things Every Copywriter Should Have on Their Desk

What’s on your desk?

All across the country, freelance copywriters are sitting in their home offices churning out pages of clever and insightful copy for the web. If you are one of these writers, what should your desk be equipped with so that you can have your most productive day? Here are a few of the most important desk accessories for any freelance copywriter:

A Pen and Notepad

I always have a notepad and a pen next to me on my desk when I am writing. You might think that it strange, since I do all of my writing on the computer. However, I use the notepad for jotting down notes, making to-do lists for myself, or writing down the keywords that I need to remember to include when writing SEO web copy. I also use it during Skype calls to make notes on what people have said. Make sure that you also have a couple of pens around so that you don’t have to hunt for one when you need it.

A Calendar or Day Planner

This is a very important tool to help you plan your schedule. Just because you are a freelance copywriter and you don’t have to be at work at a specific time doesn’t mean that you have no need for time management. In fact, time management is even more important for the freelance worker because you will need to make sure that you budget your time well to meet all of your deadlines and goals. A calendar will help you see at a glance when all of your assignments are due and which you should prioritize.

A Bottle of Water

Did you know that sipping from a simple bottle of H2O throughout the day can improve your concentration, reduce your stress and help you think clearer? When your body is dehydrated it is harder to concentrate and think creatively and the quality of your copywriting will decline as a result. If you can keep your brain hydrated you will be able to produce better quality work more efficiently. Avoid drinking soft drinks all day long, as this will not only cause dehydration due to the high levels of caffeine, but will also pump your blood full of sugar and cause you to pack on the pounds.

Healthy Snacks

It’s hard to concentrate and write to your full ability when you are distracted by your stomach growling, so keep a few healthy snacks on your desks to tide you over until you take a lunch break. The best copywriting snacks are bite-sized nibbles that you can munch while you are reading over an article, such as raisins, grapes, dried fruit, or nuts. Avoid eating greasy and salty snack foods which will only make you feel lethargic.
Also, if you live in a house with other people and find it hard to concentrate on your work, keeping snacks at your desk will help you to avoid unexpected conversations with family members or roommates in the kitchen.

Something that Makes You Smile

Last but not least, why not add something special to your desk that will help to calm you and relax you every time you look at it. It can be a photo of you on holiday, a note from your best friend, or a funny toy or figurine. Whenever you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed you can take a minute to look at this happy little item and enjoy the nice feelings that it brings.

These are the basic items that every copywriter should have on their work desk, to keep them healthy and productive all day long.

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