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How Tall Is Shane Dawson? | Shane Dawson Height

Shane Dawson HeightShane Dawson is one of those freaky YouTube celebs who likes to dress up like different characters and make really funny videos.One of the funniest and most popular of Shane Dawson's characters is Shananay, anyone who follows Shane on YouTube will know who she is.

Shane became popular when the news broke out that he got fired from his job and his family also lost jobs due to some controversial videos he made on YouTube.But it is all fine now as he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars from his YouTube videos each year.

Shane Dawson also loves to entertain people by making spoofs of celebrities such as Justin Bieber.He currently has millions of subscribers on YouTube.So let use get to the height information of Shane Dawson.

How Tall Is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is an average American when it comes to his height, he is around 5 feet 10 inches tall.In some of his videos as "Shananay" he wears lifts, which make him look a lot taller than he actually is.He is much taller when compared to the height of Ray William Johnson and NigaHiga.

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