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SEO: Some Basics You Should Know About

SEO is one of the easiest ways to get free online customers. This is because there are several search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc. that are extremely popular as an instant source of latest information. However, many companies do not care to implement the simple and straightforward rules of SEO to get a better ranking in the search engines.

Here are some facts that you should know about SEO for the development of your business.

All the major search engines like Google or Yahoo, appreciate high quality content. Organize the content so that their algorithm or web crawler can easily read and access the content. This will help them to save in their databases faster and show your website on relevant search results. Make the navigation in between your pages convenient for the crawlers. You can do this by using bread crumb navigation. Code all the hyperlinks well so that crawlers can follow those links to other web-pages to index them.

Search engines ban websites with duplicate or copied content. Therefore you should avoid doing so. Search engines reward with top ranking to sites that frequently update its web-content and post new ones.

Put nice attractive headings and subheadings on the articles. This makes the articles look neat and well-organized. This type content is easy for the crawlers to index.

Targeted Keyword:
Before starting your SEO campaign, make sure you have well researched keywords. Your website will be based on these keywords. Websites can be built on general and niche themes. For instance, general themes are news or jobs and niche themes are business or real estate. 

People look for specific information on the Internet. Therefore, your website should show up when people use your targeted keywords in their search query.

Incoming links:
Search engines direct online researchers to those sites that are master in their niche or subject. Search engines will increase your domain authority if you’ve high quality inbound links from authoritative websites like government websites. The number of authoritative links your website has is calculated by the search engines to get your domain authority.

You can get authoritative links by producing great unique content.See How To Write Great Content

People think of SEO as a complicated subject to deal with. You just need to give few hours a day to stick to your SEO strategy and keep your website ranking on the top of the SERP (Search engine results pages).
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