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See How Your Website Looks on Different Devices And Screen Sizes

While designing a website, it is important to see how your website looks on different devices and not just on the computer or laptop that you are using.Not all people have the same specifications and screen sizes such as your device and hence the website may appear differently to them.Sometimes the images of text may be distorted or you may not be happy with the way your website looks on different devices, so you need to regularly check the way your site appears on different devices as well as different screen resolutions (sizes).

There are several tools available on the internet for you to do this, we have selected three of the best which give the option of seeing how your website looks on different devices such as a Apple iPad, iPhone, different smart phones, Television, Different Tablets and a wide variety of screen resolutions.
The tools below are very useful for webmasters, bloggers and most importantly to professional web designers.

See How Your Website Looks on Different Device And Screen Sizes -

1) - This website offers you a good look at how your website looks in different screen resolutions from widths of 240 pixels to 1024 pixels.They also offer a good selection of devices on which you can see how your website or blog appears.

2) - This website is my favorite tool to see how a website looks on different devices, it shows cool shaded figures of the devices you are previewing in, I have included a picture below as an example.I recommend this tool over the other two.

3) - This tool is my second favorite of the lot and is very useful as it provides some options that is not found in the others, such as seeing how your website would appear on a television screen, on different tablets and a wide variety of smart phones.

Using tools such as these, you can design your website better and make a better experience for your readers and visitors.

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