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The Safest Storage in the World

The Safest Storage in the World

Secure storage has become a necessity for users who work with considerable volumes of data. Multinational corporations, small business owners and even personal photo collections all require storage solutions that can safely protect all types of data. As data volumes continue to grow, there has been a gradual shift in recent years from physical, local storage to offsite storage solutions.

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Traditional Storage Solutions

For years, computer users have relied on trusty hard drives for their storage needs. A local storage solution, users can easily save and manage data on a hard drive and, if the data needs to be copied to another device, transfer to an external hard drive or external media. The business approach to data was very similar. Although business users typically shared a network and storage servers were used, the approach was the same. All data was managed, accessed and backed-up internally and locally. It has only been in recent years that
offsite storage has become more of an attractive solution due to the increasing restrictions of local storage.

The Disadvantages of Local Storage

As technology became more mobile, the restrictions of local storage became more obvious. With tablets, mobile phones and laptops, users need easy and secure access to data across multiple devices, different platforms and from different locations. Local storage simply cannot meet these needs. The implications of massive storage failure are also particularly devastating. Whether it is human error, technical problems or even an environmental disaster, it can be a lengthy and time consuming process to restore back-ups and resume service from local storage.

New Storage Solutions

The two main types of offsite storage are cloud storage and storage facilities. Cloud storage is a service that is typically offered by a third-party provider whereby users can upload and download data via the Internet to and from a remote server. Rather than saving to a local storage device, the data is transferred and managed on a server. Cloud storage offers users secure flexibility as they can manage and transfer data from any device by securely logging into the cloud server. Cloud storage is mostly used for personal use, although it is practical for some types of businesses.

Offsite Storage

Offsite storage has similar features to cloud storage. Data is still transferred via the Internet to a remote server. However, offsite storage is used primarily to back-up data. With cloud storage, users may upload and manage files on a day-to-day basis. Cloud storage is typically used as a hard drive that can be accessed from anywhere. Offsite storage is for backing-up sensitive and pertinent data. This process is called e-vaulting.

When the data is transferred, it is stored by a third-party offsite storage company. Security is precedent in these facilities. They are usually located in remote places that are patrolled by security teams. The data is stored and maintained on servers that are housed in purpose built vaults. This is why businesses rely on third-party companies for offsite storage; they not only securely protect the data from theft or damage, but they also have staff that run regular checks to ensure the integrity and performance of the data. If a business has a crash or error and needs to restore critical data, the offsite storage company can reload the latest backed-up data from the servers quickly and efficiently so that the user suffers from as little downtime as possible.

Offsite storage can also be used to house physical items. Some companies may have files and records that they need protecting and these too can be stored in purpose built vaults. These vaults maintain optimal temperatures and humidity to ensure that they do not suffer any long-term damage. These third-party storage companies have even been trusted by governments to store highly confidential documents and files.

Offsite storage is by far the safest storage method available. Data is backed-up and stored in high security facilities. Access is strictly prohibited and the data is checked and maintained by professionals. It is easy to see why more and more users are relying on offsite storage as a long-term and effective solution to their storage needs.

Author: Nathan from offsite storage.
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