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Ray William Johnson Height Weight And Ethnicity

Ray William JohnsonRay William Johnson, is as we all know a superstar on YouTube.He is the number one YouTube celebrity at the moment, closely followed by the likes of NigaHiga and Kev Jumba.Ray William Johnson has had many controversies in the past, with the usage of others YouTube videos to make money, how the partnership program never seems to catch him etc.There has also been controversies regarding his ethnicity and physical attributes such as height and weight as he always seems to hide his height by not showing his full body on any of his hundreds of videos.

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So, you guys must be wondering what Ray William Johnson's height, weight and ethnicity is, well, we are here to answer that question.

Ray William Johnson's Height

Ray William Johnson is believed to be a short man, who is about 5 feet 8 Inches Tall while barefoot.But Ray William Johnson is still tall compared to NigaHiga's Height.

Ray William Johnson's Weight

Ray William Johnson is also quite a sturdily built character, he has broad shoulders and could lose a few pounds.He is believed to be around a 179 Pounds, which is bit high considering his height.

Ray William Johnson's Ethnicity

Ray William Johnson was earlier believed to be from Samoa, but clearly he is not.He is your everyday American.Check out more such articles at TechGau
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