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A Premium Portable Lenovo Laptop

A Premium Portable Lenovo

Premium Portable Lenovo

Lenovo is a large company that manufactures laptops made with quality components. In fact, aside from the other biggest names in the electronics industry, Lenovo is one of the biggest. They offer great alternatives to products made by Samsung, Apple and others. They’re actually the second biggest in terms of sales after Hewlett-Packard!

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Being the second biggest laptop manufacturer in the world, it’s no surprise that they have quality products, and their latest offering sports the latest parts by Intel. 

In their ThinkpadX230, Lenovo manages to incorporate the elements that made them famous into one compact package fit for everyone. You can sell your laptop for this one if you’re looking for an upgrade.

One thing’s for sure, Lenovo is a classicist when it comes to design. When you look at the X230, it bears big resemblances to the laptops that they’ve made before. It has a predominant square shape with sharp corners.

Of course, opening the laptop, you’ll see plenty of additions, such as new ports and plenty of stuff to fiddle around with.

One cool thing about Lenovo is that they play around when it comes to keyboard design.
On the X230, the keys have a rounded bottom which makes the whole laptop very friendly to kids, even if this is clearly a business – oriented laptop. The keys also have an inward curve that accommodates the fingertips really nicely. 

You get a function row up top, and there’s also a backlight for added elegance.
With the old school design also comes an old school feel. There’s a satisfying click you hear every time you slam on the keyboard. And what’s great about this keyboard is that it’s very rigid. It doesn’t move around! It’s like it’s made for gaming, but it’s only for casual applications.

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With the touchpad, Lenovo even has the classic rubber pointer! It’s very sensitive and responsive. If you feel like using that one, please do.

Of course, there’s also a real touchpad you can use with all the usual features.

The X230 is a compact laptop, and it features a 12.5 inch screen. It’s very manageable, but if you’re looking for some entertainment, this is not the laptop.

Clearly, this is a portable laptop, but it has very nice features. It has a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. It has a matte finish that helps fight off very annoying glare – something you’ll definitely like.

The screen even has Wireless Display Technology, allowing you to mirror your display on a nearby TV without any cables!

The X230 comes with the latest generation of the i5 core processor by Intel for a start. The great thing is that you can even bump it up to i7 if you have the money.

Aside from that, there’s 16 GB of RAM and different configurations for space.

With a battery life of up to 10 hours, this laptop is looking to be a big competitor in the portable world of laptops. It may well be even a decent gaming laptop if the configurations are maxed out!

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