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The Original Macintosh Reviewed - 2012

The Original Macintosh Review
Released in 1984, the Macintosh redefined the personal computer in so many ways. Retailing for under $2,500, the easy to use Mac made reviewers and consumers alike get very excited about this system and what computing can be.

The size
A “small” computer, the Mac was 14” tall and took up about as much desk space as a standard piece of office paper. An optional carrying case was available, making the Mac seem like a potentially portable machine, even though it should be noted that the Macintosh and its case weighed a combined 22 pounds.

Original Macintosh
The software
There was much excitement about the software for the new Mac. The MacWrite program was particular exciting. MacWrite was a word processor that finally let users change the font size and style of the type both on the screen and on paper when printed out. Users could also use bold, underline, italic, or shadow print text.

MacPaint was also impressive, as this was the first time users were able to use the mouse as a paint brush to “draw” on the screen. Mac users could design letterhead or create art, and these images could be integrated into MacWrite documents.

The Printer
While not necessarily a part of the system, Mac’s Image Writer Printer was quite exciting when coupled with the new Mac. This was the first time users were able to actually print what they saw on the screen. If they composed a document in Old English font in bold face in 22 point size, that is what would come out of the new $495 printer.

Apple drew on their experience, drawing the best features from their previous failures, such as the Lisa. The Lisa brought the mouse, and the Mac thankfully brought this pointing device back and revolutionized computing. Also the high resolution black and white display allowed for detailed pictures and crisp text, and this again was something modeled after the Lisa.

Ease of Use
The Macintosh was so well received and well-loved because use users easily learned to use it. Apple said that novices would be able to learn how to use the Mac in 30 minutes or less, and many users were able to do just that. People loved the simplicity of a computer, a device which previously seemed too complicated for many.

When a new Mac would be set up, the first power up with the main system disk would bring up an introductory screen and the desktop. The icons that we now take for granted were revolutionary then, and they made it so much easier for users to do things with their computer.

And more…

These are just some of the reasons why the new Macintosh was so well received by critics and consumers in 1984. There weren’t any downsides to the Mac, even though many thought the system’s inability to run MS-DOS may be the only issue with this system. Not just competitive with other systems of the time, the Macintosh was head and shoulders above the competition.

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