Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nokia Pureview 808 Price In USA, India and Europe

Everyone was amazed when a 41MP camera was planned by Nokia and when the date of release came out, everyone thought that the Nokia Pureview 808 would cost a hefty amount to buy as it had a 41MP Camera Sensor, apart from being a really good smart phone.When the prices were finally released, it did not seem all that high, especially when compared to the price of Samsung Galaxy S3!
Nokia Pureview 808

So here are the official prices of Nokia Pureview 808 -

Nokia Pureview 808 Price in India - Rs33000
Nokia Pureview 808 Price in USA - 699$
Nokia Pureview 808 Price in Europe - €599

Interestingly enough when the rates in USA and Europe are converted to Indian Rupees, we get Rs37700 and Rs 40000 respectively, which is higher than the actual price of Nokia Pureview 808 in India.

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