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Make Money Online Blogging - The Ultimate Guide

--> The art of Making Money Online is not a simple one, it takes patience, dedication among a lot of other things.Before beginning to read this article, do not expect to become a Millionaire overnight, Making Money Online takes a lot of time and correct and smart work to achieve.Pretty much everyone who wants to make money online, can do it.It is not all that difficult, not at all.But to make big amounts of money, like the six figure incomes that some Bloggers or Online Marketeers boast of is indeed very difficult to achieve, but not impossible.There are at-least a hundred different ways of making money online, but not all of them are ethical or effective.In this article you will learn some of the best ways to make money online, and also excel in those methods.Before going through the article you will need to know several meanings of words and phrases, which I will discuss now.

Let us begin with a quote - 

Money can’t buy everything, but everything needs money
Make Money OnlineSome Things you should know before we begin -

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is an advertising company lead by Google.It allows blog owners and publishers to make the best use of their blogging and writing talents by earning money online through contextual ads placed in the publishers content.

Affiliates: Affiliates are those publishers who place ads provided by a company and get paid when someone buys something at the company through the ad placed on the publishers site.The ads usually have a tracking code to trace ownership or a referrer, the publishers are usually given a percentage of the sale made or a pre-mentioned fixed amount of money per sale.

CPM Advertising: CPM Advertising is a type of advertising that pays publishers a fixed amount for every 1000 impressions the ad gets, there are no payments made for individual clicks.There are several different CPM Ad Networks which we will discuss later.

In-Text Advertising: Another form of "Make Money Online" source for bloggers and publishers, the difference here is that the ads are just links that are set to your keywords in your articles.

Direct Ad Sales: One of the most popular make money online options for bloggers and webmasters, it involves publishing ads of a website or a company directly by the publisher for a pre-agreed amount of money.

Paid Posts: Paid posts involves receiving money to review a new start-up or a company, usually suitable for popular bloggers and webmasters who have a huge following.

e-Books: Just as authors sell books in the physical world, you too can sell e-Books in the virtual world of internet, if you have the expertise to write a book on a topic of your choice.

Freelance Writing: If you are a good writer, a spell-binder, you can easily earn money online by freelance writing for different blogs or websites.

So now that you know certain basic definitions of various terms used in this article, we can begin.You may look back upon these definitions if you fail to understand any of the contents of this article.Let us begin with -

Making Money Online For Bloggers and Webmasters - 

Basic Requirements: A Website, Blog, or Forum etc.

A blogger or a webmaster probably has more options of making a good amount of money online that anyone else.The world on internet revolves around Websites and Blogs run by individuals or groups.Most of the advertising is done in blogs or websites, so naturally there are tons of opportunities to make money online from blogs and websites.Here I am going to discuss a few different ways a Blogger or Webmaster can make money online.

Google Adsense - The Best Monetization Tool 
We have briefly introduced you to what Google Adsense is, so let us move on to how you can make money online from Google Adsense.First of all, you need to have a website or a blog to apply for Google Adsense.Adsense has a rigorous acceptance policy, they will not accept single page websites or websites which look like pure spam.So you need to develop a decent website before applying for Google Adsense.

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Once you have been approved for Google Adsense, you will need to install the Adsense Ads into your blog or website.This is a fairly simple process, but if you are unable to do so, we have a tutorial for that as-well.

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Once you have the Google Adsense Ads installed in your website or blog, you can start to earn money form the ads.

How Does Google Adsense Work?
When someone clicks on the ads being shown on your website, for each click you will get some money, from a few cents to a few dollars per click.There is some serious technology behind the ads and the ads as well as the clicks are tracked for any suspicious behavior, so do not try to cheat the system, it does not work.

Google Adsense is the prime source of money for many big time bloggers such as Amit Agarwal, Daniel Rowse etc who are 6 figure income bloggers.So Adsense is a proven and trustworthy system, that you can rely on, provided you have a decent amount of traffic.

Google Adsense is the best monetization technique for small time bloggers and webmasters.

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What If I don't Get Accepted Into The Adsense Network?

Worry not, there are always alternatives to everything in life, even for Adsense.Below, we have mentioned some of the best alternatives to Google Adsense in making money online -

--> Affiliates - Another way to Make Money Online for a Blogger

We have introduced you to the concept of Affiliates in the definitions earlier, there are several companies and advertising agencies that offer Affiliate opportunities to bloggers and webmasters to make money online.Basically for this kind of "Make Money Online" tool, you need a lot of traffic, a lot visitors to your site.Hence this type of monetization is not suitable for small time bloggers and webmasters.

Several webmasters and Bloggers make tons of money online using affiliates, for example, Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud has reported that he made 1100$ from HostGator Affiliates alone in the month of May 2012.Here is the full report which includes how much the blogger has made from various affiliates, this should give you a good idea.

As you can see, this webmaster has used several affiliates and has had really good returns.He has made over 2000$ that month from Affiliate Earnings alone.

So what are the best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers?

There are literally thousands of Affiliates Programs out there, the right one for you depends on your niche and the type of traffic you get.If you are running a Tech, Blogging, Web Design, SEO kind of blog then HostGator would be your best bet.I have included some more good affiliate programs for Bloggers -

HostGator Affiliates
Commission Junction - For all types of Niche and Bloggers
WordPress Thesis Affiliates
Amazon AssociatesFor all types of Niche and Bloggers
eBay Partner ProgramFor all types of Niche and Bloggers

Direct Advertising - A huge revenue source for us.

Direct Advertising has been a great source of revenue for us.This type of Make Money Online solution is fit for those bloggers and webmasters who get at-least a 100000 views a month, as advertisers look for those sites which get a lot of traffic or they will not advertise with you.Most of the top blogs and websites use this type of revenue source a lot.

We have managed to earn several hundred dollars a month using Direct Advertising.

Where To Find Advertisers?
Advertisers can be found in several ways, once you are confident that your site has enough number of visitors, then you can contact those advertisers who fit your niche.Try to make a list of all the companies that may be interested in advertising at your blog, set the rates competitively and you should start seeing some offers.

You can also use these middle-men sites that have a good list of advertisers that they are in contact with and hence can help you find good advertisers that fit your blog or website, you will have to apply to join these networks, they have stringent acceptance policies.


These two are the leading sites in online direct advertising, you get paid beforehand and the payment does not depend on the number of clicks the ads get.

CPM Advertising - Make Money For Impressions

CPM ads are those ads that pay you for the number of impressions you get on an ad, rather than the number of clicks that an ad gets (like Google Adsense).Most of these CPM Ad Networks ask you to set a rate for every thousand impressions, usually the rate would around 1-2$ for every thousand impressions(This is how much you can expect to make from Adsense as-well).Be careful not to set your ad rates too high as there won't be any advertisers who pay that high.

Some CPM ad networks offer back-fill ads, which means, when they are not able to serve ads that meet your price requirements, you can automatically choose to display Public Service Ads or fall back to Adsense or any other CPC network.

What Are the Good CPM Ad Networks?
There are several hundred CPM Ad-Networks but only a few them are legit and pay well, we have made a list below for you to use.

Tribal Fusion
CPX Interactive

Among these, Tribal Fusion is probably the best and highest paying CPM Ad-Network.But they have a high traffic requirement of 500000 Hits a month.If your blog has this much traffic, then you can go for it, otherwise AdBrite would be your best bet.

In-Text Advertising - The Reader Unfriendly Ads
In-Text adverising is that kind of advertising that displays ads on your content text,the keywords in your content will automatically get links to ads that the ad network thinks is suitable, personally I do not recommend this type of advertising, it does not pay really high and it distracts your visitors creating a bad impression on your readers, which is the worst thing that can happen to a blogger.There are several ad-networks that offer in-text ads but only one of them is actually know to pay out to its customers.Here it is -


Paid Posts And Freelance Writing 

Make Money Blogging Online
We have introduced you to the term paid posts earlier, paid posts can include reviews or news about a start up or a company looking for some exposure and recognition.This is actually a type of advertising.The brand looking for recognition usually gives the blogger a set of things to include in the post and the blogger delivers the goods.

The really big blogs charge around 300-400$ for a paid review, while the smaller lesser known blogs settle for around 20-30$ a post.You can find brands looking for paid posts here -


If you are a good writer, then do not need to really have your own blog, you can freelance write at different well known and lesser known blogs that offer money for good quality original content produced by a skilled writer.

There are many people that I know who write for many blogs in return for some money, these people enjoy writing and this is a requisite for freelance writing.

e-Books - The Next Step For Bloggers

Once you have reached the peak of blogging, you can start to think of author e-books.If you have a good knowledge about a certain topic then you can think of writing your own e-book and publishing on platforms such as kindle.

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One of the most famous Blogger turned e-book author is Darren Rowse of lead a successful blog and then turned to e-book writing, where he has become very successful.

Another blogger who has published an e-Book is Amit Agarwal of has authored the e-book - The 101 Most Useful Websites.

So these are the different ways in which a Blogger can make money online, this resource is the only thing you will need to make money online as a Blogger or a website owner, if you have any ideas to improve this article, please let us know.

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